TELCS Creative Lighting Technology

With more than 20 years of experience and lighting design projects in the industry, TELCS has established itself as one of the best lighting design consultancies in Asia that works exclusively with groundbreaking and reliable partners and devices.

We have introduced effective lighting design ideas to our clients that have both saved them thousands of dollars and also increased their sales. We believe that anyone who invests in great lighting designs will surely see high returns. Let us show you how!

“We believe that professional lighting design can transform every business sector.”

– Florian Theuer,
Lighting Designer

Award Winning Services

Light Planning & Design

We can provide lighting solutions for you that can help in planning the perfect lighting design for each room.

ROI Calculations

We calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of a product or service so you can evaluate the efficiency of your investment in us.

Energy Minimization

We seek to reduce energy consumption of our products by providing a green building lighting design to do our share in saving the planet.

Digital Prototyping

We provide digital 3D Prototyping where you can virtually explore the product before it’s built and evaluate for changes if needed.

Hardware Selection

We select hardware that are durable, high-caliber, long-lasting and cost effective so that we can provide the best TELCS lighting design for you.

On Site Installation

We have a dedicated team of lighting design experts that will install and implement the lighting plan at your building safely and securely.

LEED Certification

Our lighting design projects are LEED certified because we use the best practice strategies for green building and energy efficiency.

After Services

We aim to be the best lighting design consultancy by providing after-sales services like maintenance and repair during and after a warranty period.

Eltako: The Only System that Dims All Led's without Flickering

All the features you want, none of the hassle.

Works with all dimmable LED’s
No minimum load needed
Dimms to 1% without flickering
Easy to install
Made and developed in Germany by the market leader
No batteries needed
Extremely energy efficient
Competitive pricing
15,000+ homes, stores, hotels, businesses and offices use Eltako Dimmers
Prevention: Gas detection, short circuit warning
Control via internet

Eltako System - Dim All LEDs without flickering