How Commercial Lighting Frameworks will Benefit your Business?

If there were a simple, reasonable approach to improve security and inhabitant fulfillment at your structure, would you be giving an attempt? What about if you could lessen expenses and vitality burn simultaneously? Commercial lighting control systems convey all these important advantages and the sky is the limit from there. Redesigning your structure with mechanized […]

Top 5 ideas for Installing lighting Automation System at your Home!!

Every year, you have to pay a hefty amount for power consumption at your house. With so many household appliances, it’s very difficult to control or reduce power consumption. Besides, some of your careless activities like not switching off the light when leaving the room or home, use of unnecessary lights even if not in […]

5 Essential Benefits of Commercial Lighting Control Systems!!

Lighting is considered as a massive expenditure in commercial buildings. But, the management of lighting control in structures and outdoor property can save a company an ample amount of utility costs. Having lighting control systems in your commercial building is one of the best resources your company can have. There are several service providers of […]

4 Benefits of Commercial Lighting Control Systems!!

Keeping expenses under control is one of the toughest tasks for a business owner. You do not wish to hurt the sentiments of your employees and customers by cutting down their facilities and services respectively to control your business expenses. So, you should come up with such a solution that will give a win-win result […]

Telcs Company Profile

This is the latest Company Profile of telcs. It gives a very good background of the variety of projects and shows some of the most important projects ever designed. Please understand that many private residences can not be shown as the wealthy owners requested privacy. telcs Lighting Design, Company profile Jan 2020

Eltako Smart Automation has full Alexa integration

Eltako Smart Automation has full Alexa integration

Eltako Smart Automation is one of the most sophisticated dimming and Building Automation Systems in the world. Unlike any dimming system currently on the market, it is the only System with True Dim Technology. It can dim LED’s flicker-free to near darkness. It can automate anything from your gate to windows, shutters, and aircons, all […]

Importance of Smart Lighting Control Systems

Importance of Smart Lighting Control Systems

Lighting is an important aspect of our lives but we often take it for granted and not really give it too much thought. Mostly, we just turn on a switch and there’s light, we turn off a switch and light is gone. But what you don’t know is that there is a better way to […]

Energy Saving Lights – Why it’s a good idea

Energy Saving Lights – Why it’s a good idea

There are several ways we can help our planet and environment. You can recycle products, reuse items and segregate trash. But what you might not know is that there is another great way to help the environment and it only involves your choices in lighting! TELCS is one of the leading companies that offer breathtaking […]

Led Dimming System Demo

Telcs uses the only system that dims all LEDS without flickering. Get all the features that  you want without the hassles. The video above is the demo of the cutting edge German Eltako dimming system.

Urban Lighting Design

With the recent bombardment of electricity and oil price hikes, the need to cut down on power usage is prevalent more than ever. As the sun goes down, this bustling metropolis of ours is ablaze with the eerie glow of every lighting fixture burning the night sky unaware of just how much energy is being […]

Eating with Light

Not many people notice it, but your appetite, food and lighting are all important for you to enjoy your meal, whether it is in a fastfood joint or in an upscale restaurant. Lighting in a restaurant greatly affects the diners. Good and bad lighting will greatly affect how your customer eats and how he feels […]