Dynasty Club Hongkong

Dynasty Club Hongkong

Location: Hong Kong
Approximate Area: 2800 sq.m (30138.95 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality, Restaurant
Date: 2015 – 2016

The Dynasty Club is one of the most prestigious members-only clubs in Hong Kong ever since the year it was established, 1989. The members are elites who has insatiable taste in anything luxurious. The standard of this fabulous club is off-the-charts; therefore, the lighting design should be able to uphold to this expectation.

In 2013, the 8thfloor of The Dynasty Club was revamped. Dining areas were made out of high-end wall carpets and wooden veneers that needs to be emphasized. The sports facilities needed illumination as well.

A variety of LED fittings ranging from QRB111 were installed by TELCS to replace the 7W, 450lm MR 16 bulbs. They are all in internal color, to reference fluorescent fittings with efficiencies of beyond 90%. World’s most efficient low energy consumption Eltako technology was chosen as the dimming system. This was a first for Hong Kong.

The lighting design outcome was splendid and this was achieved in an environmentally-friendly and low-energy consumption process.