Philip Morris Warehouse

Location: Taguig City, Philippines
Approximate Area: 4500 sq.m (48437.60 sq.ft)
Industry: Industrial
Date: 2010

Philip Morris International (PMI) is a well-known cigarette manufacturer and it is the number 1 in the Philippines. It manufactures some of the top cigarette brands in the Philippines, including Marlboro and Fortune. Its facilities are top of the line and they never settle for anything less. It is a very successful company and it continues to grow up to this day.

The Taguig warehouse of the company was illuminated by TELCS. It consists of six warehouses, each having 741sqm of floor space. TELCS computed and analyzed their previous lighting set-up. It was 250w mercury bulbs and 40w fluorescent bulbs consuming 32.5KW with an average of 50lux illuminatio

TELCS created a lighting design that decreased the electrical consumption down to 5.6W with improved illumination levels of minimum 65lux average in all areas. Luminaires were chosen to produce brightness levels that are fitting for the activities to be done in every part of the property.