Sunpower FAB 3

Sunpower FAB 3

Location: Malaysia
Approximate Area: 500000 sq.m (5381955.21 sq.ft)
Industry: Industrial
Date: 2010

Established since 1985 and leading solar innovator globally, SunPower does not cease to impress with their magnificent conceptions. They built a 1 billion USD facility on a 50ha lot. It has 6.8ha production area with a continuous hallway of 425m length, and single rooms of up to 10,000sqm. The company’s facility is highly energy efficient and Platinum LEED certified. The goal is to set a new standard for lighting and other processes.

TELCS used high performance computer systems to pre-calculate variables and for each specific process a unique fixture identified. Pracht fixtures were installed in the clean-rooms. In the hallways, QC, offices and meeting rooms, a variety of Trilux and OMS luminaires were set up. In the outdoor, the vision came to life using Philips, WE-EF and Siteco.

A sophisticated approach was applied on this project instead of the standard approach in industrial lighting. It was more complex but it was worth it. Less than half of the fixtures compared to the standard designs were used, with fewer bulbs and less maintenance.

A variety of reflectors, wattages, mounting heights, including tilting of fixtures were identified and combined into a perfectly working symbiosis of light. Through TELCS expertise and talented team all challenges were conquered.