TELCS Lighting Design

TELCS Lighting and Smart Automation Solutions

Theuer Group of Companies and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Telcs and Theuer Lighting Design, along with its partner, Eltako, provide the most comprehensive Smart Lighting solutions available.

Theuer Group of Companies encompasses everything needed to provide lighting services for hospitality, healthcare, retail, industrial and working environments. Theuer and TELCS teams aggregate a complete range of specialized lighting services into a single service package to ensure a facility is lighted in a sustainable, environmentally stable manner.

These teams manage all aspects of lighting design – designing, engineering and installation. This single, integrated solution package and single management contact point, results in significant cost reduction, environmental improvement and efficiencies that translate to cost savings; and, with enhanced focus on service quality.

Theuer and TELCS teams provide a fully integrated package of lighting services, ensuring that every aspect of lighting functions in a clean, methodical and completely safe manner. We assume all the responsibilities of lighting design, hardware design and installation, allowing clients to concentrate on their core businesses.

Telcs and it’s research and development partner Eltako develop new products with the speed of light giving the Theuer teams an advantage in providing quality service to clients. They carefully analyze the exteriors and interiors to determine the best lighting solution in a cost-effective way.

TELCS encompasses everything needed to provide technical lighting solutions for hospitality, healthcare, retail, industrial and working environments.

Energy Savings 82%
On-time Project Delivery 100%
B2b Client Satisfaction 98%

Our Corporate Mission

Telcs designs and supplies sustainable lighting solutions for professional customers, enabling them to reduce costs, energy consumption and environmental impact.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the global leading partner for sustainable lighting and SMART Automation solutions to professional customers.

Our Core Values

Telcs values are based on our Code of Conduct and are the basic elements and practices that we use in our everyday work.


At Telcs we keep our promises and provide products with guaranteed quality. We are committed to our customers with an excellent customer service and sales force with a high knowledge in lighting. As a cleantech company Telcs contribute to a sustainable future in a caring and professional way, offering our customers solutions that make them more sustainable.


Telcs is an industry challenger and innovative in finding new solutions using both current and new technology. We are a business oriented cleantech company giving our customers value by helping them save money, energy and the environment. Through making the customers minimize costs by doing the right thing we can make a real change. Our beacon is that we contribute to a sustainable future by offering lighting and SMART Automation solutions that help our customers become sustainable.


At Telcs we are open minded and flexible to adapt to our customers’ needs enabling us to provide tailored solutions that are right for the specific customer. Our size allows us to be fast from idea to solution. The customers should feel that we are fast and responsive in a way that is superior to our competitors.

Our Team

Florian Theuer

CEO, Founder

Susan Rivera

VP for Operations


Lighting Designer & Smart Automation Engineer


Senior Lighting Desinger


Lighting Specialist

TELCS at Work


Environmentally Responsible

LEED stands for green building leadership. LEED is transforming the way we think about how buildings and communities are designed, constructed, maintained and operated across the globe.

LEED certified buildings save money and resources and have a positive impact on the health of occupants, while promoting renewable, clean energy.

Telcs projects’ achieved Platinum LEED points for lighting (or maximum LEED points for Lighting) and industrial projects belong to the most efficient industry projects worldwide with electrical consumption of less than 4.7W/sqm for 400-500 lux average illumination.

Publications & Awards

Office Efficiency Award 2009
Las Vegas Hotel World Global Hospitality & Design Award (Luxury) 2009
LEED Platinum Award for Lighting 2009
Office & Light 2008
Haus Und Garten Linchtpreis 2006
Resort Life 2008
Lichtdesignpreis Hauser 2007
Manila Lifestyle Award
Blueprint Landscape Award 2007
Beautiful Homes March 2006
Light & Design 2006
Interior Asia 2005
Leisure Locations 2004
Licht & Restaurants Design 2000