• 07

    Energy Saving Lights – Why it’s a good idea

    There are several ways we can help our planet and environment. You can recycle products, reuse items and segregate trash. But what you might not know is that there...

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  • 18

    Led Dimming System Demo

    Telcs uses the only system that dims all LEDS without flickering. Get all the features that  you want without the hassles. The video above is the demo of the cutting...

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  • 24

    Urban Lighting Design

    With the recent bombardment of electricity and oil price hikes, the need to cut down on power usage is prevalent more than ever. As the sun goes down, this...

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  • 23

    Eating with Light

    Not many people notice it, but your appetite, food and lighting are all important for you to enjoy your meal, whether it is in a fastfood joint or in...

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