Eating with Light

Not many people notice it, but your appetite, food and lighting are all important for you to enjoy your meal, whether it is in a fastfood joint or in an upscale restaurant. Lighting in a restaurant greatly affects the diners. Good and bad lighting will greatly affect how your customer eats and how he feels good about it. That is why a lot of restaurants fancy or not, also employ a good lighting design in addition to an interesting interior design.

  • Refreshing lighting
  • Good ambiance pulls the customer in
  • Good for business
  • Customer must feel good
  • Food colors must be palatable – appetizing
  • Colors must be relaxing
  • Casual family friendly restaurants/fast food types usually require brighter illumination
  • Dramatic – date type –cozy restaurants have lower illumination
  • Lighting design vs space vs ambiance
  • Overall mood
  • White lights or bluish white led lights makes food look pale and dry or uncooked
  • Warm color lights makes food look natural and fresh