M. Raeuber Residence Germany

M. Raeuber Residence Germany

Location: Germany
Approximate Area: 600 sq.m (6458.35 sq.ft)
Industry: Residential
Date: 2007

This luxury Residence is located in a beautiful mountainous region in Southern Germany. The village of Marzell, close to the Swiss border.
Designing the lighting for the house posed several challenges for telcs. Most ceilings of the house were solid concrete, requiring build-in pots for lighting to be installed during the concrete poring. This required the lighting design to be highly accurate and finished before the concrete poring was done.
This challenge was emphasized by the fact that the design team was located halfway around the world. This in turn made it fully reliant on the architects details being accurate and on time.

By using their 3D virtual modelling approach, telcs was able to show and envision every tiny detail of the project in their model. This lifelike model allowed the team to create the perfect lighting effect in every area of the house.

With a total living area of more than 600sqm many different tasks and moods had to be covered. Starting from a wellness area, an art gallery to a double height living room and large balconies each area required a different style of lighting.
Some parts needed task lighting, others needed a playful approach with highlights on paintings and columns. Aside from that, all lighting fixtures needed to be energy-efficient and low in maintenance. Above all the house had to be fitted with Smart Automation, managing every aspect of the building, starting from lighting to door-locks, shutters and monitoring.
TELCS took the opportunity — and through thorough research came up with a brilliant design that greatly exceeded the expectations of the client.
After all the hard work, a house with multipurpose functions was created! Homey and cozy but at the same time sophisticated and professional.

Another success story for TELCS and it’s amazing lighting design team.