Anchor Skysuites

Anchor Skysuites

Location: Binondo, Manila City Philippines
Approximate Area:28000 sq.m (301389.49 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality, Commercial, Residential
Date: 2013

Anchor Skysuites is located in Manila’s China Town and is the tallest residential skyscraper in the world that is built in a China Town. Its organic architecture was designed by Albert Yu of Asya Design Partner. The design took advantage of the air and sunlight to lower energy consumption. Given that the hotel, the designer, and TELCS had the same stand on energy conservation, we were chosen to design the lighting for this spectacular building.

TELCS’ years and years of expertise and technique did not disappoint. The beautiful façade was illuminated in a way that made it look like it is floating. The extensive research and analysis surely paid off to showcase the exterior fabulously. The architectural details were highlighted stunningly that it made the structure stand out from those nearby.

It wasn’t only the façade that was luminously sensational, the sky garden had its upgrades as well. TELCS applied what we call specialty illumination; tuned up and down lights, and cove and spot lighting. This style of lighting created perfect contrast that it made the garden look so fantasy-esque and comfortable. It made a huge impact on the vibe of the area and for lack of better words, it was gorgeous.

The interiors were given its own personality as well, lighting-wise. The design was to light up the individual spaces with the amount of luminous efficacy suited for the activities to be done in each. Dimmed general illumination was enforced and artworks were featured so that the occupants and guests would feel the luxury and uniqueness of the establishment compared to others. To top it all off, all of these extravagant lighting were installed yet it has minimal energy expenditure.

Our client is extremely happy with the outcome and it truly was a proud moment for all of us here in TELCS when the project was finished.