Badian Island Resort

Badian Island Resort

Location: Cebu City, Philippines
Approximate Area: 70000 sq.m (753473.73 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2005

The Philippines is well-known internationally for its beautiful beaches and resorts, Badian Island Resort and Spa is of them. This stunning place located in Cebu encapsulates the true definition of a tropical fantasy destination. Although, it may sound so perfect, the owners decided to give it a little bit more vivacity by adding a well-thought-out lighting system that would highlight accents of the place and is also energy efficient for their spa and suites.

Badian Island Resort and Spa, with TELCS as its lighting expert, collaborated to achieve the vision for the resort. Research, planning, and designing were done meticulously. TELCS made sure to look at all details that needed to be showcased and gave our partner a number of amazing options. Both agreed to not use the outdated 120W PAR lamps and install 35W Halogens instead which has higher luminance. They made sure all fixtures were perfect and has lower energy consumption.

All the hard work paid off because the output was spectacular! Outlined trees and “burning bushes” came to life! The energy consumption of the rooms was lowered by 60% and brightness increased to a 100%, but of course the intensity of the lights can be adjusted to a warm, romantic glow, depending on the ambiance the guest prefers. To make experiences unique, special effects such as “fireflies” and red sunset illuminations for a magical after-massage experience, were made.

From a simple yet already breathtaking island resort, Badian Island Resort and Spa 2.0, an illuminated tropical paradise was born! TELCS is very proud and grateful to be part of this project. Gratitude was also expressed by our partner and it inspired us to innovate our services further.