Banwa Private Island

Banwa Private Island

Location: Palawan, Philippines
Approximate Area: 60000 sq.m (645834.63 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2013-2019

The World’s most expensive Resort, Banwa Private Island. This is the place of unspoiled beauty located in the middle of the Sulu Sea.
It is a 6ha exquisite, high-end private resort whose guests are socialites from the Forbes list, or leaders of major corporations. The Villas are spacious with floor to ceiling windows and fabulous infinity pools overlooking the sea. The owner and his guests required nothing but the best quality – especially when it came to lighting.

The island resort aims to create a modern, tropical paradise vibe where people can relax but at the same time find the right ambience for work. The lighting had to be able to cater to all moods, and with TELCS’ impeccable engineering, this was achieved.

Being a remote island, Banwa Private Island can only be reached by plane or boat. It has 6 Villa’s and gives a beautiful, tranquil island experience for a maximum of 48 people at any given time. TELCS lighting design had to combine both, a breathtaking, beauty as well as very energy efficient lighting.
It even included artifical rainbows to appear magically when the morning sun shines, triggered by the intelligent automation of Eltako.

Telcs delivered and provided the most efficient lights and LED lighting available. The smart automation included curtains, all lights including the swimming-pool lighting. A true dream for the affluent of this world.