Bellagio Hils

Bellagio Hils

Location: Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Approximate Area: 50000 sq.m (538195.52 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2014

A private garden paradise located at the west center side of Lake Paoay exists and it is called Bellagio Hills Hotel and Restaurant. This beauty required lighting design that is equally as stunning as she is. TELCS was chosen as hotel’s lighting supplier and designer.

Bellagio Hills needed a lighting design that highlights the clubhouse and the grand entry gate. The façade and entry way illumination are ways to create great effects on the lake where it is situated, making it look even more magical.

The luminaire installed for the clubhouse frontage featured the latest LED technology, giving sunray like beams around the entrance, leading guests toward the reception. Uplights were used to accentuate the ravishing natural stone walls. The tables were lit with a special square illumination that gave the illusion of the fixtures magically lighting up along with the comfortable seats.

The roof was perfectly lit by wide spreading Bega fixtures and color changing wall washers were installed for the pillars. The driveway was a special feature because it was illuminated in a way that invites motorists passing by in the evening to visit the restaurant.

The lighting design was energy-efficient and the target was met with the latest streetlight generation of WE-EF. Allowing a spacing of ultra-efficient LED streetlights of 37m at a consumption of only 36W per streetlight, achieving less than 1W consumption per m of street. Making the resort eco-friendly and sustainable, while being eye-catching to the owners and guests.