Dynasty Club Hongkong

Dynasty Club Hongkong

Location: Hong Kong
Approximate Area: 2800 sq.m (30138.95 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality, Restaurant
Date: 2013 – 2014

The Dynasty Club is one of the most prestigious members-only clubs in Hong Kong ever since the year it was established, in 1989.
The standard of this fabulous club is off-the-charts and reflected through the use of luxurious fabrics, Italian carvings and abstract collages.The subtle but beautiful lighting design by telcs enhances the rich expectations of it’s guests.

In 2013, the 8th floor of The Dynasty Club received a major renovation. Dining areas received high-end wall carpets and classy wood veneers. Both needed to be emphasized for maximum guest experience. The exemplary sports facilities needed specific sports illumination as well.

Theuer Eurolighting Consultancy chose LED’s so closely matched to it’s Halogen counterparts that guests always pointed out that Halogen bulbs had been taken.
In fact Mr. Theuer’s ability to create perfection proved vital for the operation of the Club. He introduced the Eltako Smart Dimming System to create the most astounding light-scenes in the Dynasty Club. Had another dimming systems been chosen, the all important candle-light atmosphere had not been possible to be implemented.
This was the first time Eltako was used in Hong Kong.

The lighting design outcome was splendid and was achieved in an environmentally-friendly, low-energy consumption process.