Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Location: Macau
Approximate Area: 10,000 sq.m (107,639 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2014 – 2016

Mandarin Oriental Group is the award-winning owner and the operator of some of the most luxurious hotels located in prime destinations around the world. One of its properties, the Mandarin Oriental Macau is one of the most exclusive hotels in Macau.
Although the Hotel was only two years old, it’s lighting was considered as energy wasteful and the switches not user friendly.
Guests could not switch the bathroom lights or close and open the curtains from the bedside.

TELCS was tasked to upgrade the lighting design and design an appropriate automation system for this fabulous property.

Lighting Challenge:

After studying the existing lighting levels in detail, TELCS upgraded all fixtures to LED with similar properties as the bulbs originally used. In some areas considered too dark, telcs had fixtures modified or changed and adjusted beam angles. This gave all areas better brightness levels with energy savings of 80%.

Automation Challenge:

In the next step a dimming and automation system had to be introduced. The system needed to be fully compatible with any available LED, without a tendency to flicker. It also needed to be integrated with the existing Incomm System and it’s installation had to be non-invasive, as ceilings and walls could not be opened for the installation. As all currently available dimming systems showed flickering when it came to dimming of low wattage LED’s, telcs chose a little known German specialist, perfectly suited for the task. Being Germany’s largest switchgear producer, Eltako had the perfect solution.
With it’s energy harvesting Enocean switches, battery-free switches allowed non-wired switching throughout the room. The multitude of available switchgear made integration of Incomm and other arising challenges an easy feat.

Telcs effortlessly mastered all tasks. The elegance of the rooms and the guest experience were enhanced. Everything could be switched from the bedside as well as from the entrance, without having opened any walls or ceilings.

Having been that successful telcs was also requested to enhance the Hallways and main lobby of the Hotel. Another perfect milestone for telcs.