ISCAHM International School Of Culinary Arts

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ISCAHM International School Of Culinary Arts

Location: Cebu, Philippines
Approximate Area: 1281 sq.m (13788.57 sq.ft)
Industry: Commercial
Date: 2012

The International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) is a remarkable institute dedicated to provide top-of-the-line education to hospitality students. Top-international hotel professionals own ISCAHM, namely Hansjorg Schallenberg and Norbert Gandler. Their vision is to prepare the new generation of hospitality experts by equipping them with sufficient knowledge, and by honing their skills to be the best in the industry. They have been successful in doing this for they have produced outstanding graduates.

ISCAHM has three campuses in the Philippines. Their establishments were built with amazing architectural designs to inspire their students, and create a comfortable place for them to learn. One of their branches is in the beautiful city of Cebu. This prestigious school trusted TELCS to provide a modern, energy efficient, and elegant lighting design for its classrooms, auditorium, as well as kitchen areas, including a fine-dining restaurant-style breakout area.

TELCS considered the luxurious and high-quality taste of the school. We conducted a meticulous analysis of the entire 1,281sqm. structure. We created a 3D model of the school to identify the hierarchy of spaces, and activity flow — enabling us to distinguish the perfect energy-efficient lighting system for it. After analyzing the model and picking out the lighting, the fixtures were strategically placed to achieve the timeless, modern, and deluxe ambiance that the institution desired.

ISCAHM’s lighting was recognized as one of the best worldwide. It also has one of the lowest electrical consumptions per area, with only 7.37 watt per sqm. The client expressed their gratitude and congratulated us for a job well done.

Through TELCS’ exquisite lighting design expertise, advanced technology, and innovative lighting solutions, these masterpieces of light were made real. TELCS is devoted to finding the best solutions to all your lighting needs, and we are proud that we never disappoint.