Kamalaya Kohsamui Spa & Resort

Kamalaya Kohsamui Spa & Resort

Location: Thailand
Approximate Area: 40000 sq.m (430556.42 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2012

An award-winning wellness centre in Thailand, Kamalaya Koh Samui Spa and Resort offers programs to eliminate your stress and detoxify. Anyone who aspires for a healthier lifestyle or just wants to give it shot is welcome here. It is surrounded with plants, trees, and it is near the sea. Each person gets to have a unique wellness experience depending on what the person wants to achieve. It is a cozy, relaxing, and comfortable spa, the perfect place to ease your mind.

This well-known holistic establishment entrusted TELCS’ expertise to provide the lighting design that would emanate peace and relaxation. The property is almost perfect given that it is surrounded by nature. All it needed was a little touch of illumination like paint on an empty wall.

Through TELCS’ professional experience and technology the property became even more satisfying. The wooden-massive-round columns were perfectly lit with up and down lights to accentuate its texture and beauty. The organic ceilings were treated with cove luminaires to enhance the coziness of an area.

Providing just enough light was essential to come up with a dynamic place without losing its ambiance