Legend Hotel

Legend Hotel

Location: Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Approximate Area: 15000 sq.m (161458.66 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2004

Puerto Princesa is one of the Philippines’ best tourist locations. It is a first class, highly developed city. In this urban paradise stands a beautiful tranquil getaway, Legend Hotel.

Legend Hotel is located near to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the Underground River. Due to this, a lot of tourists patronize the hotel. To make the guests’ accommodation experience better, Legend Hotel collaborated with TELCS to conceptualize the perfect lighting design.

TELCS was assigned to illuminate the grand ballroom. The gorgeous room was built with many natural materials found on the Tropical Paradise Island of Palawan, but polished to look like fresh out of the Nizza’s high street. The lighting design had to accentuate the glossy trunks of ancient trees, embedded in the floors, or semi-precious stones, cut and polished on the the floors. Dimmable cove lighting was interwoven with down lights for efficient glare free lighting.

The outcome was astonishing. The elegance of the establishment was showcased without disrupting the tropical vibe. It was indeed an experience and the client was very pleased.