Metrojet Hangar

Metrojet Hangar

Location: Subic, Philippines
Approximate Area: 6900 sq.m (74270.98 sq.ft)
Industry: Industrial
Date: 2011

Metrojet Limited is a renowned Hong Kong-based aviation solutions provider. Their services include aircraft management, maintenance, charter and consultancy. It has branches in China, The Philippines, and Singapore.

Metrojet Hangar is an aircraft maintenance and repair facility located in the beautiful Subic, Philippines. It has an enormous 4000 sqm hangar with a 14-meter high ceiling that can accommodate two full size commercial jetliners. The entire property covers a total floor area of 6900sqm that houses various workshops and 2-level office area.

Metrojet collaborated with TELCS, trusting its expertise to provide uniform lighting that would be accurately planned to eliminate shadowing. TELCS enforced high efficiency Pracht luminaires. An average illumination level of 400 lux was achieved, at the same time being highly efficient hangar with only 5.03 w/sqm consumption. Using Pracht’s sealed fluorescent fixtures proves to be more efficient that a conventional high-discharge lamp setup.

The result was remarkable and the client was very satisfied.