Peter Keiser Residence

Peter Keiser Residence

Location: Phuket, Thailand
Approximate Area: 950 sq.m (10225.71 sq.ft)
Industry: Residential
Date: 2011

This amazing tropical getaway sits atop the forest mountain slopes of Phuket over-looking the Thailand sea-shore. The design of the house was impeccable. It has the right amount of contemporary modern vibe and a hint of Thai tradition.

When night falls, the warmth still looms in this home’s interior with softly-lit accents. High above the ceiling are custom-made ‘Batik’ fabric lanterns. The specially designed lanterns serve a dual-purpose as a decorative motif and also as a functional, energy efficient down-light. Unknown to guests and owners, the lanterns look and act like incandescent lights, but are actually made out of special dimmable fluorescent fixtures. This combines the romance of candles with the longevity of fluorescent lighting.

In order to emphasize the fabulous contemporary dramatic vibe, many important lighting effects were executed throughout the house. Telcs created shape-shifting art pieces that looked like different art when the lights changed. It also created special shadow effects in the living room and square lighting on night tables.

Overall TELCS, designed the lighting in way that made the house illuminate spectacularly at any time of the day and night. The decorative ‘Batik’ fabric lanterns were installed to not only illuminate the residence but to act as decorations, giving the place more life. The main areas of the house were given the required lighting for all activities to be done in them. Changing from work to candle light dinner, all activities had the right setting

The client was astonished and grateful for what we have done to this beautiful home. It is now one of the first choices for the rich and famous who are visiting Phuket.