Shangri-La Mall

Stunning Facade Lighting and Outdoor illumination

Shangri-La Mall

Location: Pasig City, Philippines
Approximate Area: 53000 sq.m (570487.25 sq.ft)
Industry: Commercial
Date: 2013

Facade Lighting and public area lighting created for a Luxury Shopping Complex. Telcs lighting design created a dramatic increase of customer traffic in the mall’s propers. This was achieved by creating the perfect balance between beauty, awareness creation and safety with lighting.

The near invisible LightTape outlines the architectural features and ledges in the wall were made to glow. All of this made the mall a well visible feature at night.

The main access points of the mall were formerly hard to find from the busy street. By clearly announcing those entrances with “burning bushes” and outlined entrance columns people easily saw the entries. This led to easy navigation into the malls propers. By generating a perfect balance of the lighting elements, safety and beauty were equally achieved.

Shangri-La Hotel chain is known for its high-end guest experience. It is owned by Kuok Group of Companies. Given this, Edsa Shangri-La Mall must uphold the same standard of sophistication and luxury.

To maintain this reputation the mall needed to make sure its features are well kept and improved. The owner decided to have a major renovation on the interior and exterior. The group chose TELCS due to their impeccable track record in luxury lighting design.

TELCS’ experienced team of lighting designers created dramatic illumination of the façade, radiating elegance and modern feeling. Access points to the malls drive-ins received special illumination to guide clients into it’s propers. Entrances to the mall were spectacular lit  with a reuse-effect guiding shoppers to the inside. This amazing concept was immediately approved by everyone in Shangri-La, including the owner, Edward Kuok and led to multiplication in sales.