The Landmark MO Entertainment Suite

Smart Home Automation & World's best Lighting Design

The Landmark MO Entertainment Suite

Location: Hong Kong
Approximate Area: 209 sq.m (2249.66 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2017

TELCS Lighting Design creates the ultimate experience, lighting magic in an ultra luxury ambiance.

Imagine a 10,000USD per night Suite that has seen the Socialite’s of the world. And you are tasked to make it that much better, so that double the price is justified.
This means you need the World’s best Lighting Design, Interior Design and Smart Automation.
Guests have to be so awed by the features, that they are willing to be on a waitlist.
But you know that only a handful lighting-designers can achieve this feat.

HongKong Land had seen telcs outstanding works and knew that only telcs can achieve this undertaking successfully.
Together with the World renown Interior Designer Joyce Wang a new benchmark in Lighting Design, Smart Automation and Interior Design was created.

Latest Technologies such as LG OLED panels, powerful miniature downlights and the world’s most advanced Smart Automation by Eltako was used.

The living-room’s center-piece, a handcrafted chandelier made of sculpted glass stones, was magnified with a worlds first approach by Mr. Florian Theuer.
Near invisible OLED panels shine their silky light through the broken glass and reflect the glass structure at the top. Thus creating the illusion of having two surfaces on the glass.
The Hotels distinguished guests are left guessing how glass can start glowing from within. A truly dazzling experience.

The extravagant dining area was illuminated by downlights shining through the glass chandelier. It’s bar used specially defined beams, highlighting only the top of the bar and giving it the extra importance required.

To achieve a classy ambiance in the bathroom, smallest details were recreated and calculated by lighting software to identify optimal placement of each single lights.

Nothing was left to chance. Even the Dimming and Automation system, was carefully chosen to avoid incompatibilities with lights.
ELTAKO from Germany was chosen, as it was the only system that allowed dimmability to near darkness in all areas.
Guests now enjoy an emotional-romantic environment never seen before.

All in all telcs created a spectacular lighting system that added to the magnificent interiors of the hotel.

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

This Forbes triple 5-star hotel, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is located at the heart of Hong Kong’s business and fashion district. It is the masterpiece of a luxury hotel known for its spectacular interiors and exteriors. It’s top-of-the-line services truly exceed expectations of it’s affluent guests.

TELCS world-renown lighting-design expertise for successful luxury projects made it the first choice partner for the project.

Guided by Mr. Florian Theuer’s lighting expertise, the Entertainment Suite became one of the most successful Suites ever built, achieving occupancy rates of more than 90%.