Sunpower FAB 3

Sunpower FAB 3

Location: Malaysia
Approximate Area: 500,000 sq.m (5,500,000 sq.ft)
Industry: Industrial
Date: 2008-2010

SunPower is based in the Silicone Valley and a leading solar innovator globally. Their Solar Panels are the most efficient panels worldwide and their factories are the most environmentally friendly factories built.
When telcs was tasked to do the lighting design for lobby, facade and public areas of Sunpower’s second factory, management soon realized the value and energy savings telcs created. Once the planning phase for the 3rd factory started in 2007 Mr. Theuer was the clear choice for the lighting design.

A Mega-factory was born with superlatives:
Lot size: 50ha,
production area: 6.8ha = 750,000 sq ft,
a hallway of 425m length,
one production room with 10,000sqm.
Office with 3ha‘s and a 5ha Mezzanine.
As if this was not enough, Telcs lighting design needed to plan sports facilities, Restaurants, cafeterias, landscaped areas and jogging paths. All areas needed Platinum LEED certification. The goal of setting a new standard for lighting was achieved with a world record of 4.8W/400-500lx.

In order to create engineering feats never attempted before, TELCS lighting design used high performance computer systems. Every smallest detail had to be recreated in virtual 3D models. Out of hundreds of light fixtures the most efficient ones for specific tasks were identified and used for calculation in lighting models.
In a multitude of iterations, the models helped to fine-tune the location and model of each fixture, until the calculations showed perfect illumination levels at minimum consumption. A New world-record was achieved with a mix of some of the world’s most efficient light fixtures.

A sophisticated approach was applied on this project instead of the standard approach in industrial lighting. It was more complex but it was worth it. Less than half of the fixtures compared to the standard designs were used, with fewer bulbs and less maintenance.

A variety of reflectors, wattages, mounting heights, including tilting of fixtures were identified and combined into a perfectly working symbiosis of light. Through TELCS expertise and talented team all challenges were conquered.