Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel

Location: Tagatay City, Philippines
Approximate Area: 18000 sq.m (193750.39 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2011

A place of nostalgia and treasured history, Taal Vista Hotel will surely refresh your memory of the amazing Filipino culture from years passed. This beautiful time-capsule-esque structure will take your breath away with its cozy interiors and classic-modern architectural design. It is situated in Tagaytay City. This treasure of a place entrusted TELCS to illuminate their grand ballroom at the mouth of a dormant volcano.

The place was lit with a modern chandelier for the candle light aficionado and supported by energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures. The ceiling details are unique with craftmanship and highlighted through cove lighting. The intricate fire-like patterns on the walls were illumined in a way that makes it come to life. The entire room glowed. The lighting made the room outstanding and elegant.

Taal Vista Hotel

Location: Hong Kong
Approximate Area: 209 sq.m (2249.66 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2015 – 2016

A Forbes triple 5-star hotel, showcasing remarkable contemporary design, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is located at the heart of Hong Kong’s business, fashion, and entertainment district. This establishment is a masterpiece of a hotel known for its luxurious interiors and exteriors, and top-of-the-line services, it truly exceeds expectations. TELCS is very fortunate to be the lighting designer of this beautiful structure.

Through extensive research, TELCS created a magical ambiance of light in different areas of the hotel. In the Entertainment suite of the hotel, magnificent OLED panels connected to a broken glass chandelier illuminated the 209 sqm grandiose room. This beautiful luminaire reflected the broken glass within the stone creating the double effect.

One dandy feature in the hotel is the “Cabinets of Delights.” We made sure to choose the perfect bulbs and place them in the right angles to illuminate the delights perfectly, making them look extremely delectable.

The extravagant dining area were illumined by downlights which shine through the glass chandelier. This was made to achieve a cozy effect, and it was successful. The bar had special downlights to highlight the surface with no spillover effects.

To achieve a classy ambiance in the bathroom, artifacts were calculated by software to identify the placement of the fixtures so that an optimal illumination may be attained.

In the deluxe rooms, fine lights that line the top were used to highlight the wooden slats, giving the room an airy ambiance.

The bedrooms have gorgeous three-dimensional bird art piece with a spotlight that shines on the pillows of the bed. Down and up lights with special lenses were installed to give life to the birds and created cloud silhouettes on the ceiling.