Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel

Location: Tagatay City, Philippines
Approximate Area: 18000 sq.m (193750.39 sq.ft)
Industry: Hospitality
Date: 2011

Studies have shown that good lighting design is vital for successful Hotel operations. By creating positive vibes throughout public areas, guests feel welcome and will return and refer the location. Studies found that the average stay increases by 30% over comparable Hotels without lighting design and the average check increases by up to 50%.

In addition a good lighting designer will ensure that energy efficient lighting is used, which will give the Hotel energy savings without sacrificing brightness.

The SM Group is fully aware of those effects and hired TELCS Lighting Design and Smart Automation to create the most beautiful lighting for the Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City.

From romantic and cozy, to color changing ballroom environment telcs made the Tall Vista into a success story.