Our Award Winning Services

Lighting Design

Exceptional Lighting design is our expertise. Our famous designer visions create the best spaces most people have ever experienced. Together with our deep technical understanding, we make it into reality.
We can dim LED’s flicker-free to near darkness, create healing spaces for people who are depressed, produce perfect work spaces that change into romantic settings and provide huge electrical savings.
From the tiny details to the big picture, we make it happen.

We work with architects, designers, owners and building contractors. We start  lighting trends for your space. Whether Hotel lighting, or Restaurant lighting, private Mansion, High-rise or Industry, with telcs lighting you will achieve perfection. From analysis to implementation, we illuminate and automate your space beyond your expectation. We create detailed 3D illumination models of your space; giving you the unique opportunity to provide inputs on the work prior to implementation.

We guide you to a new level nobody else can achieve and make your project unique.

Smart Automation

Do you want automated windows? How about automated air conditioning? Whatever you need automated, TELCS Smart Automation will deliver.

At your request, we can implement fully integrated, digital, and energy-efficient lighting systems with centralized controls and automation features. With these smart elements, we can help give your space a unique ambiance – evoking the mood you desire. We can also lend our expertise in designing and setting-up a smart home or business space by utilizing the internet of things in connecting your appliances, devices, and other ambient elements via a central control system that may also be accessed remotely.

TELCS is devoted in discovering ways to make your automation dreams come true!

Solutions Outsourcing

TELCS can handle your lighting needs and challenges! We can collaborate and satisfy your clients with the most innovative, cost-efficient, and effective lighting, and automation solutions!

We can serve as passionate, innovative, and cost-efficient partners for design firms and building contractors alike. As your dedicated Lighting Design and Consultancy firm, we can make the best lighting solutions for you and your clients. Let us handle all your lighting needs so you can focus on what you do best.

Partnership with TELCS does not disappoint. Let’s overcome challenges and reach our businesses’ full potential together!

We only use the best hardware products.