Importance of Smart Lighting Control Systems

The 3 Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill With Your House Lighting!!

Whether it’s about current lighting or getting new lighting at your home, the electricity bill is a major concern. We know many other factors increase the amount on the electricity bill but the major role is played by the lighting system in your home.

You can turn off your HVAC system based according to the season, limit the use of washing machine and dishwasher, and others but you can never shut your lights and stay in dark. It’s impossible. Even in the worst situation, you will keep a single light ON to prevent darkness. So it’s proved that your house lighting system is a primary contributor to the electricity bill.

We know it’s difficult to pay such a high electricity bill, but this does not mean you will stay in dark and forget illuminating your house when needed. Instead of restricting yourself and your family members, you should take a few steps to improve the current lighting or when getting a new lighting installation.

Use LED or Low Energy Bulbs 

If you are still using or planning to install light bulbs or halogen spots, then you are nowhere in this technologically-advanced world. Except for a few cases, almost every property owner has switched to LED or low energy bulbs to reduce the cost.

These bulbs are energy-efficient and cost-effective. The initial cost is high but well compensated with usage, lifespan, low maintenance, and reduced electricity bills.

Stay Smart when Installing Lights:

Along with selecting energy-efficient lighting options, you should be smart enough during installation. You should look for the most advantageous areas and install the lights accordingly. In the kitchen, you should have under cabinet lighting to provide direct light for your workspace.

Making use of the sunlight is the smartest step in reducing the electricity bill. So you should keep your windows and install minimum lights in the areas where sunlight falls the maximum. Another smart step is using bright colours in your interiors. Bright colours reflect the light better and penetrate further into a room.

Add Sensors and Detectors: 

Go smart with smart lighting systems. They are very different from traditional lighting systems and give the option of adding sensors and detectors to your lighting system.  

With sensors and detectors in the lighting system, the lights will turn ON and OFF based on the movement in the area. For example, the lights will turn ON when you enter and go OFF when you leave. The inbuilt sensors and programming will help the lighting systems to perform these activities. It will avoid wasting light energy when you don’t need it and reduce a huge amount on your electricity bill.

Along with implementing these tips in your current or new lighting system, you should also think about its care and maintenance. You should dust them regularly to ensure proper illumination at your home and increase the life-span of the bulbs and fixtures. Lastly, you should work on your house lighting system with the help of a qualified electrician.