Top 5 ideas for Installing lighting Automation System at your Home!!

Every year, you have to pay a hefty amount for power consumption at your house. With so many household appliances, it’s very difficult to control or reduce power consumption. Besides, some of your careless activities like not switching off the light when leaving the room or home, use of unnecessary lights even if not in use, etc. increase the amount of your electricity bill.

So, what’s the solution for it?

It’s difficult to change your habit within a day or two, so the best way is to get a lighting automation system at your home. With this, you will have complete control of your home lighting, even from the remote location. With just a click on the device, you can switch ON or off the light without any additional consumption. Not just basic control, you will have the opportunity to control the shade, brightness, temperature, area of lighting, and others. Overall, you and your family members will consume electricity as much as they require.

If you ready to give automatic control to your house, connect with one of the best companies providing lighting automation systems in Makati.

Installing as automation system is a bit tricky because you have to ensure that your house properly lit with right brightness but less power consumption. So, to make it easy for you, we have listed a few ideas for installing lighting automated system at your home.

You can use a one-button press technique. Under this, all lighting for a given room or floor will turn ON with just one press on the button. It will save time plus excess complications of wiring. Also, it will be easy to switch off all the lights at once when leaving the floor or room. You can use the technique of double-tap on the same button to avoid any confusion.

Use motion sensor techniques in critical areas. Under this, motion sensors will signal the automation system to switch off the lights if the room is left vacant for some time. It will avoid any accident and save the power consumption when there is no one around and the area is not in use. You can sensor to switch ON the lights when a person enters the area.

Use landscaping lighting with two unique features. First, it will turn ON automatically after sunset and will go off again at the sunrise. Second, the landscaping lights should automatically adjust as per the time of the day. At sunset, the light should be brighter and slowly it should go dim to conserve energy and reduce power consumption.

Adjust the lights in the room based on the amount of natural light entering the area. If the percentage of natural light in the room is 50, you should adjust the lights to 50% to keep a proper balance. Similarly, if natural light is 40%, the adjustment of the light should be 60%.

Last, you should have an “All Off” button at your home. When you are in a hurry and forgot to switch off the lights in different areas of your house, this button would be of great help. Just with a touch on the button, you will turn off the lights of your entire home.

Other than these, there are many more ideas that you can implement for installing a lighting automation system at your home. Just remember, the decision should be based on your lighting requirements (not too little or too much) and the most important, your security and safety.