What are the Commercial Lighting Control Systems? The 3 Ways Lighting Control Systems Work

Cutting down the operational cost is the top priority of the business owners. They keep on implementing different strategies to reduce the cost and gain maximum profit out of the same.

If you are also a business owner, we are sure you might be thinking and working in the same way. We cannot interfere with your business operations, but we can help you reduce your monthly expenses. You should install commercial lighting control systems in the Philippines. As compared to traditional lighting options, this is more energy-efficient.

A brief About Commercial Lighting Control Systems:

Combined with simple to complex devices, the commercial lighting control systems directly impact on your building’s light and electric costs. The control system defines the number of lights turned at any given point and the intensity of the light. In other words, no unnecessary lights will illuminate in your office without your permission.

The best part of installing commercial lighting control systems in your office is these are energy-efficient and cost-savings. The industry experts claim that you can save up to 60% on the electric costs and 40% on the overall energy cost.

The main Options of the Lighting Control Systems are:

  • Basic lighting controls
  • Dimmer switches
  • Motion sensors
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Networked systems

Working of the Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Through Scheduled Lighting:

If your business runs on the set pattern, going for schedule lighting would be a great idea. After the office hours are finished or during weekends, the light will automatically get shut-off. Scheduled lighting means you will define the lighting time in advance and everything will happen accordingly. A few specific areas should be avoided to ensure security.

Through Manual Lighting Control:

If you are running a small-scale business with no such set patterns, you should think about manual lighting control. You or some designated person will look after your office lighting and control everything. Manual lighting control includes switches, knobs push-buttons, dimmers, remote, and many others.

Through Occupancy Controls:

If you wish to switch ON the lights in the specific zones of your company, you should get occupancy controls. The lights of such areas work on the motion sensors or by illuminating a particular item. For example, your security guard wishes to check the areas in the off-hours, he can illuminate his ID cards or lights will automatically get switched ON by sensing his steps. And after he leaves, the lights will automatically shut down.

Tips to Install Commercial Lighting Control Systems:

Without a second thought, you should hire professionals to install these systems in your office because a general electrician cannot work on these complex devices and structures. To ensure that everything is going smoothly, you should be aware of a few points.

You should have a fixture controller to eliminate the confusion from the mind of the electrician when connecting to the voltage line. With no or little wiring, it’s difficult to determine.

  • You know the light requirements in your company and connection details. So, you should provide a connection drawing to the electrician. Though professionals would not need it, you should provide to make the job easier.
  • You should plan in such a way that everything gets installed at once. If you keep the things pending, it will be very difficult to repeat the process. Besides, the disturbance will impact your productivity and output.

In this modern world with advanced technologies, installing commercial lighting control systems in the Philippines will keep you ahead of others. You will get the opportunity to save money, improve energy efficiency, and enhance security. So, we don’t think you would like to miss this chance!!